Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ingredients for the Best Day Ever on the Worst Day Ever

Things around the farm are looking sour. We're due to get another week full of bitter cold temperatures and snow when all I really want is to be able to soak up some sunshine and now little Gage is fighting a losing battle against the flu. (oh and I shelled out a cool $117 for tickets to go and see Thomas the Tank Engine Live on Stage for tonight that just may also fall victim to his sickness)

But amidst all of the vomit and the scrubbing that waging a war against the flu entails I'm trying to find the small things to make even the harshest of days amazing ones.


Start your day with a thankful heart. Most days this seems like an impossible feat for me when all I really want to do is stay in my nice warm bed and catch a few more hours of sleep. But I have two little people who are depending on me to get their day started, one of whom who is also depending on me to make him comfortable and healthy right now. Make time for coffee, tea, and more importantly fruitfulness.

Sing. Music makes the day go faster and makes even the most mundane tasks appealing. Scrubbing up soiled clothes and flu related messes on its own stinks, but turning sick-fest 2011 into your own rock concert makes even copious amounts of laundry a bit more awesome. Seriously, how did I live before Pandora?

Wear something you love. Anything at all. I know that my job as a stay at home mom has a daily uniform that consists mostly of pajama pants and old ratty shirts, but paired with a favorite headband from Garlands of Grace (which is really doing no more that pushing my unbrushed hair away from my eyes, but that's besides the point) I feel a bit more like I'm maintaining some shred of myself.

Most importantly, pass it all off to your husband when he comes home from work for a little bit and steal away for a few quiet moments to re-energize and center yourself ... and maybe brush your hair.

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Beka said...

love this. so sorry about the flu! that sucks. :P