Monday, March 7, 2011

I ♥ Faces - Best Face in February

It's still snowy here in Pennsylvania, February being no exception. I love this shot of Gage, all happy to be be outside playing in the Winter wonderland that is our farm.
Play Along - Iheartfaces


AlyGatr said...

He has such a precious face too :) I'm a few down from ya (pictures that is!)

Nen said...

what a sweet little face! i hear we are supposed to get some more snow tomorrow!

Ashley said...

I just find it so weird that it's sunny and warm here...but I believe we're only 6 maybe 8 hours away from you. I'm sooo ready for the spring season!!

Beka said...

what a cutie.
thank God--our snow is melting!! now we see icky grass...hah. there is hope. ;)