Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Special Evening

When it comes to spending time with my boys, I'm pretty much a creative mastermind. Want to draw or bust out the construction paper and glue, then I'm your gal. Want to bake cookies or watch movies or sing silly songs, then this house is the place to be. But if you want to go out and spend large amounts of money for fun, then I'm afraid that this is not the place for that. And much like any kid out there, somethings they just want what money can buy, not what mom can make or do. And that's ok.

When Mike and I caught word that Thomas the Tank Engine Live on Stage was coming to our small town (well actually the slightly larger city 20 minutes away) we knew that we had to take the boys, both of whom are absolutely smitten with that cheeky blue engine. But when we found out that the cheapest seats were $20.00 ($30.00 after all of the stinking fees there are when you buy them) we knew that it would be impossible on our tight budget. 4 tickets x $30.00 = $120 dollars that we just did not have.

Being a stay at home mom means certain sacrifices for our family. We'll never own a new car. Sometimes the generic version of things has to suffice. We don't take giant, elaborate vacations. And we would normally never spend what could easily be a week and a half's worth of groceries on 90 minutes of entertainment.

But this was different, and I knew how much both Brayden and Gage would love going to something like this, partially because of their love for Thomas, but also because an adventure like this is so out of the ordinary that it would be extra special.

I've known for awhile now that I had planned to close up shop when it comes to Oh Mandie on etsy, wanting to take my wares in a different direction. There's a new shop with better quality materials (Sugar Maple Drive), but thanks to an over abundance of stock I decided to sell off what was left in my old etsy shop at a 50% off discount in an effort to clear out my cluttered craft room. Wouldn't you know it that within a week I had sold $117.00 worth of jewelry. Because etsy sales are unpredictable, Mike and I have never equated them into our budget. So that money sitting in my paypal account was extra for us. Three guesses on what I bought with it.

I know that something as simple as taking their kids out to see a silly little show doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot to a lot of people. But to me, being able to find the means to do so is amazing.

Yes our seats were way up in the nose bleed section and yes we could only spring for the little $12.00 souvenir light for the boys rather than the $25.00 shirts or hats, but we all had a blast and the boys will have the memories of their special evening to see Thomas for the rest of their lives.

There's a certain pride in knowing that something I did and that I created (and that I love doing) single handily brought on two of the largest smiles ever to grace the faces of Brayden and Gage.


Chana said...

ohmygoodness. This is just a beautiful post. And I know EXACTLY what you mean about spending money on experiences like that. We took Sophie to Disney Princess on Ice and it cost 90 bucks for the tickets! And 40 in food! (and I saved my photography money to do it too!)

But, her little face seeing those princess in real life was worth every cent. I only wish I wasn't too paranoid to bring my camera:(

I love that I contributed (a tiny bit) to help take those adorable darling boys to the show of a lifetime!

Ashley said...

what an amazing night and way to spend time with your little family! God is very very good! It all worked out and now the boys have a great memory to last a lifetime!