Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project Life - January

I've been a scrapbooker for about as long as I've been a mother, always snapping pictures of my boys, my husband, my life, and collecting and compiling the memories that we created to be reminisced over in a tangible sort of way.

When I had just one baby it was easier to find the time.  When I had two it was almost impossible.  Add to that a very busy life that includes a job, a very active volunteer schedule, and a horde of scrapbooking bits and embellishments 9 years in the making.  Honestly, it wasn't worth it to me to pull all of my supplies out any more and find the time to dedicate to my books.  As much as I loved them and loved preserving our memories, doing it was a process that took more time than I was capable of giving. 

And then I heard about Project Life, which ... whoa, completely changed my perspective on scrapbooking.  And of course I immediately bought the pages and went to town.  But me being me decided to take it just a bit further.

I won't go into an overly descriptive explanation of what it's all about.  Click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page and watch the video.  That's what sealed the deal for me.

I tried to do a 365 photo challenge once before.  And I think somewhere around the 8th or 9th day into it I screwed up and forgot to take a picture.  And then I didn't take a picture the next day either.  Or the day after that.  Long story short, I had managed to completely fail at the project only 2 weeks into it. 

But 2012 is my year!  It's officially Feb 8th and I've yet to miss a day, isn't that awesome?  (Want to see all of my pictures so far? Click on the Photo a Day link on my sidebar.)  And in an effort to keep me accountable, I'm doing my Project Life in a page a week fashion, completely documenting our year.  At the end of every month I'll be printing our daily photos and working on my Project Life album in between (Which is why I just now have January done).

Normally I would just scrapbook the major events around here: holidays, birthdays, etc.  But really, how many Easter pages can you make before they all look the same?  Also, who is to say that those small moments in between aren't just as monumental to us?
I am utterly and completely in love with this project.

Embellishments from: Creative Paper Trail,  ormolu,  Pretty Tape,  DeeJann, Smash, and Elegant Snobbery

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