Thursday, February 2, 2012

100 Marshmallows

Friday is the 100th day of school.  That is 100 days of Gage officially being a school age child and 100 days where mom had to learn to find something to do while both of her babies are off at school during day. 

Gage's pre-k class is going to have a little celebration and all of the kids were asked to bring in 100 of something, letting your little ones do the counting. 

We were supposed to be creative but instead went with what we had on hand in the cupboard.  Thankfully there were 100 mini marshmallows because if not we would have been sending in 100 corn flakes ... and something tells me that 100 cornflakes would have turned into 1000 little crumbs by the time he made it to his class room.

Needless to say a few got nibbled on during our counting adventure.  But really, what 5 year old can resist the fluffy sweetness of a marshmallow?
100 days.  Gone in a blink.

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