Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who Am I?

I've been blogging for a pretty long time now, since January of 2008 actually (I checked!).  Back when I first started Brayden was just a little guy and Gage was just a sweet baby.  But somewhere in the last 4 years both of my babies have grown up into little boys, leaving me without a niche.

I'm a mom blogger.  I've always been a mom blogger.  I mainly follow mom blogs who write about mom things.  Because I'm a mom.  And the vast majority of those blogs involve babies and toddlers, neither of which I have anymore.

Over the past few years I've made some amazing friends.  I've also lost contact with some of those amazing friends.  I've watched some of my first blog buddies take their blogs on amazing journeys that grew and changed as their children did the same.  I've had a front row seat where I've been able to see other women's babies become children while their dreams and goals took root.  And those mom blogs turned into craft blogs, or spiritual blogs, or travel blogs, etc. etc. etc.  And in their shift new mom blogs have popped up in there places, feature a whole new slew of adorable little munchkins and their families.

Meanwhile over here in Amanda land I'm struggling to remain relevant, because honestly I have absolutely no idea where I fit in anymore. 

Am I a mom blogger still, even though my babies are no longer babies and I don't really have any fun "mom" things to post nowadays with my boys both being in school?

Am I a faith blogger because on occasion, when God lays it on my heart to do so, I post about Jesus?

Am I a craft blogger because I sometimes post about the things that I've made or my scrapbooks?

Am I a photography blogger because I shared the one picture out of the 200 that I took where my boys are looking exceptionally adorable?

Or am I something completely different? 

I think it's time I take this blog in a new direction.  I just wish I had a compass pointing me in the right one.


AlyGatr said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! That's why I started an all new blog. I kinda felt like a new space would give me the perk up I needed. I just didn't feel like I fit in my old space anymore. It kind of felt the same way I would if I were still trying to fit into my old clothes from back when I was 21. At some point you have to accept that they don't fit and move on :)

Lynda said...

Me too! lol

I'm trying to fill too many niches. =(