Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weeding the Garden

Somewhere in some corner of my mind grows a garden.  It's filled to the brims with beautiful and perfect vegetables in a rainbow of colors, each and every day bringing a new fresh and ripe batch to sustain myself with.

My mind and my reality are two very different places a lot of the time.

In reality the garden on my life is overflowing.  I've smashed too many things in it, leaving no room for rooting or thriving.  In fact I'm so busy trying to maintain the sheer abundance of it that I'm falling behind and getting stuck in the overgrowth and weeds.  It's completely out of control.

So yeah, I was trying to go with a metaphor there ... how'd I do?

I've over committed myself, and I'm feeling very much like a tomato on a vine without enough room to grow. 

In some sort of attempt to not feel like that, I've decided to weed my garden.  I've always been that person who says yes to everything.  Now I'm saying no.  And more than that. I'm backing down from the commitments that I've made that I'm no longer enjoying or our family is no longer gaining anything from.  My time is too precious to waste it.  My boys are only small once, and I don't want to waste even one small moment that I could otherwise be spending with them. I feel like I'm only giving 1/2 of myself to the things that I truly do love because I'm so burnt out. So I'm shifting my focus to the things I'm passionate about. 

As beautiful as that big and colorful garden in my mind was, I'm perfectly ok with my little plot of land right here on earth.  And anyways, I don't even like carrots ... so why should I waste the time to cultivate, grow, and care for them?

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