Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Whole Lot of New

I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new schedule.  Living in a new space has created small but noticeable shifts in our daily habits: a new route to school for the boys, a new route to work for the husband, a new way home from the grocery store, a new time when the new mailman comes.  There's a lot of new going on around here.

We live in a charming little house on a quiet dirt road now.  So far it's been amazing and peaceful, even if we are still in the throws of getting organized and finding out what works for us in this new space.  But that's ok, I enjoy placing my little collection of things that life has brought me here and there, if only to bring a smile as the memories they bring replay like an old home movie inside of my head.  It's a never ending process that I'm happy to be a part of.

Lost in the shuffle are appointments that I've made and groups that I've joined.  I'm trying to contend with this new schedule that this house has given me, but I'm losing.  Something is going to give, that much is evident.  I need to take the time and re-figure things out; make a new game plan of sorts.  I'll get there, it's just slow going.  It takes time to get acclimated to so much new.

But still life is good.  And even with all of the change that is surrounding us there is order to our home.  We have brought back our weekly meal plans that have somehow gotten lost in the mess of life over the last few weeks.  It was refreshing to plan out what our family will eat for the next seven days and shop accordingly.  We eat more fresh ingredients that way, which are better for our bodies and in turn our souls.

Things are slowly settling into place around here.  And as the sun streams into the sun room windows casting beautiful sparkles of light and lovely shadows along the wall I'm reminded once again how very blessed I am.  Life is amazing, if we only slow down enough to enjoy what God has created for us.

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