Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Last of It

When I sat down and wrote my last post, I didn't do it with any sort of intentions.  I just wrote what I was feeling, and for me that turned out to be a pretty cathartic experience.  

It seems that getting all of my jumbled thoughts and emotions out and organized made way for something new and strong to take root inside of me.  And as much as what's going on sucks right now, I think I've finally realized that I just can't stress over it anymore because it's taking away valuable time.  And really, there is nothing I can do to change what's happened.  So in an act of self preservation, I'm going to move forward.

To all of the amazing people who commented and emailed me - thank you so much.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I apologize for not replying to you all individually, but for me at the time doing so was acknowledging my situation and my myriad of emotions surrounding it.  I'm humbled by you all, truly.  But I'm trying to move past the hurt and start being productive.  I hope you understand. 

And that's the last I'll post about it. 
On to bigger and better things!

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