Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Adventure

It seems that for the past few weeks we've been doing quite a bit of waiting in anticipation of this day. 
Today is a very BIG day.

As of today, Brayden is officially a 3rd grader and Gage is off on a new adventure as well as he starts his very first day of pre-K.
Gage will ride the big bus with his brother and will head into the school with all of the other boys and girls.  Meanwhile this mom is spending her first school day alone and in an empty house while her babies are off learning. 
For Brayden this is old news, this whole first day of school hooplah.  But still he is nervous.  He'll have a new teacher, a new classroom, and he'll meet new kids and make new friends.  We've been trying very hard to make sure that his worries and excitement don't get lost in the shuffle of his little brother starting school.  You see, Brayden has a very important job.  Not only is he off on a new adventure of his own, but today he has to show off his skills as a big brother as he helps Gage around the school.

Gage woke up this morning crying.  My poor baby was scared.  We had orientation a little over a week ago where he was able to tour his new school (although he'd been in there lots of times before courtesy of his brothers activities over the years), meet his teacher, and check out his new classroom and find the table with his name on it where he will sit.  But still, Mom and Dad were with him for orientation.  Today was the real deal.  And despite this mornings wake up tears, his brother managed to get him excited about school and Gage was all smiles as the bus stopped at the end of our driveway.

And yes, I'm totally that mom who dresses her kids the same for the first day of school (and quite a few other days if I'm being honest).

And I may or may not have taken about 100 pictures of Brayden and Gage's new school adventure.


tessica said...

ahh I hope they both had a great day at school!
(and I think the matching outfits are great!)
and I hope you enjoyed a little time to yourself!

Jaclyn Kent said...

My boys refused to NOT dress alike for the first day of school. They both wore matching Mario Kart t-shirts. :p