Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brayden's New Life

A few weeks ago Brayden and I were sitting in church on a Sunday morning.  He and I were acting as place savers while Mike was walking Gage downstairs to his preschool group.  While we were sitting there waiting for Daddy to get back I was thumbing through that weeks bulletin.  Brayden, being the inquisitive boy that he is, was tucked along my side and reading along with me.  Nestled inside of that bulletin was a sign up sheet for those who would like to be baptised at our annual church picnic.

Mike and I are Baptists so neither one of our boys have been baptised.  We believe that a person has to have a real understanding of what it means to have Jesus in their heart before being baptised, and in fact Mike and I were only baptised three years ago. 

We, as parents, decided awhile ago to raise our children in a Christian home.  My boys know who Jesus is and they both read the Bible regularly.  So when Brayden saw that insert in the bulletin that Sunday morning and asked if he could be baptised I was beyond proud. 

The place our church holds it's yearly picnic is breathtaking.  And much to Brayden's enjoyment, they provide canoes for a bit of boating.

And like the brave 8 year old boy that he is, he went under the water and made his life brand new. 

And like any 4 year old boy, Gage was unimpressed, choosing to play Angry Birds on his daddy's phone.

Congratulations, little big man!


Alicia said...

So awesome! You must be one very proud Momma!! :)

CourtneyKeb said...

Okay, I still keep up with your blog although I rarely comment because my computer is stupid sick and it takes like ten minutes to do so. (I've beeen here for a little while trying to comment on this post)
BUT I had to!
I just think its so incredibly touching and sweet and the Lord is so awesome to work such a blessing on Brayden at EIGHT years old.
Love it.
LOVE it!!!!!
God is SO SO SO wonderful!

Nen said...

WOO HOOOOO! awesome!! you and mike must be setting a wonderful example for your boys!