Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun at the Jubilee

Just a few poor quality cell phone pictures taken while at the Firemen's Parade and the Jubilee.  They really don't need more of a write up than that do they?  We had a blast, even though we sweated our buns off.  This heat wave making it's way through the country is certainly taking it's toll on us.  But we still got for an evening of food, fun, and family.  And snow cones. 


AlyGatr said...

THAT looks like fun! And can I say, those are great cell pics. Mine takes some crummy pics, but yours are great. I tell ya, my kids could sit there forever just staring at fire engines. Of course, they'd rather be exploring it up close and personal, but just seeing them is a close second.

tessica said...

mmm snow cones! and humongo slides! fun!

Nen said...

i love that pic of you and gage! too sweet!