Monday, July 25, 2011

It Takes Work

I'm going to be 100% honest.
To someone who happens along my blog and does not come around here regularly my husband Mike and I look like a match made in heaven.
I write sweet things about how much I love him.
And I post sweet pictures of the two of us being in love.
Sometimes I even reminisce about the beginning of our relationship.

Unfortunately, it has never been as easy as sometimes those pictures make it out to be.
Our marriage takes work. 
And to be honest there have been times where I wondered if we even would make it. 

We have both made mistakes, lots of them.
But we are both human and that comes with the territory.
And without Jesus Christ as the center of our marriage,
I'm sure we would both be in very different places right now.

In reality our marriage has sometimes been messy.
I've thrown things and he's slammed doors.
We've yelled at each other and we've stayed up all night long working out our problems.
And there have been moments that have broken us down.
And we have had to figure out how to heal and forgive each other.

Our marriage is a work in progress, as are we both individually.
We are striving to be children of God who glorify Him in all we do, our marriage included. 
But there are days that we fail,
and to be honest, there probably always will be.
But we are fighting for our marriage.

Some days are much harder than other ones,
But those hard days are so worth it.
Because despite our faults he was made for me
And I for him.


tessica said...

so nice to hear! and so happy that you have him!

Rachel @ Pleased as Punch said...

Yes it does take work!!! But in my opinion, throwing things and slamming doors has been the GLUE that holds our marriage together. Personally. ;)

AlyGatr said...

Amen sister! I think the biggest misconception is that marriage is easy. Even with the most compatable personalities in the world, it's always work. I think anyone who paints it other than a constant work in progress is lying to themselves and everyone else! I still think you guys are a special, sweet couple :)