Monday, July 18, 2011


Confession #1
I haven't picked up my camera in 2 weeks.  It's felt so liberating watching lifes moments unfold organically instead of viewing everything from behind a camera lens.

Confession #2
I'm obsessed with Cherry Kool-Aid, but only during Summer.

Confession #3
I'm not an outdoorsy person at all, not even a little bit.  I'd much rather be inside, lounging on the couch with my computer or a good book than be outside doing something active.

Confession #4
I love to collect pretty fabrics to sew, but hate actually cutting into them. I keep them all folded nicely on a shelf to look pretty instead.

Confession #5
My birthday is in September and I informed the husband that for my present I'd like a new tattoo.  I'm currently in the middle of planning just what to get.

Confession #6
I usually take a nap every afternoon.  I'm an insomniac and only sleep for a handful of hours during the night.  I supplement my sleep during the day so that I'm not a total crab.

Confession #7
I have a problem with home design blogs that picture immaculate houses full of pristine looking decorations.  A home should be lived in and filled with memories, and that includes family pictures on the wall, toys scattered across the floor, hand drawn pictures stuck to the refrigerator door, and the remnants of a home cooked meal on the kitchen counter.

Confession #8
I can swim, but being under water gives me panic attacks.  I use my kids as an excuse to stay in the shallow end.  I'm scared of what will happen when they get bigger and don't need me to be right there watching over them anymore.

Confession #9
I can quote the entire movie Mallrats, line for line.

Confession #10
Now that I have an iPhone, pooping has never been so fun! (Don't pretend like you don't do it too!)


beka said...

ahh! tattoo!
can't wait to see what it is :)

mmm i agree with you on the pretty fabrics thing. golly.

lol to the iphone thing! if i had one, i'd say the same.

Rachel @ Pleased as Punch said... did not just say #10!!! :-D

AlyGatr said...

Shouldn't have #10 been #2? Get it? HA HA. I would amend mine to day "pretend you have to so you can hide in the bathroom and play your turn at Words with Friends". I used to be a chronic "I'm not cutting the pretty fabric" gal until Jennifer Paganelli herself scolded me for not cutting my fabrics :) She ordered me to cut it...and I have! I'm an outdoorsy person so long as the temperature is below 80 and there are no mosquitos...and I'm expected to do my business in the woods.

Nen said...

haha... LOVE #10. if i had an iphone... i'd totally do that too!

i am with you on #3....