Monday, June 6, 2011


There is some strange phenomena going on here today.

Someone somewhere must have known that today I would need a break.  And so far (fingers crossed) today has been a very good day.  The boys are playing together nicely rather than arguing over who gets to build with what Lego's.  Brayden has a good attitude today, rather than one of entitlement that we had to rectify with a serious talk over the weekend.  Gage is pushing his trains around nicely across the living room floor rather than sitting in time out for whining when things don't line up just so.  And the house is slightly less messy than it was yesterday, which is always an accomplishment when you live with all boys.

Today is the first official weekday of Brayden's summer vacation.  Today I go back to have two boys around the house all morning and afternoon.  Gage will have to learn to share his morning routine again, down to what cartoons we watch, and when we play.  Mommy will have to start making breakfasts and lunches for two little guys everyday instead on just one.  And Brayden, well he's just happy to be home and relaxing.

This Summer is going to be a busy one, and I'm not foolish enough to think that most of the days of it will come with the ease that today has.  But I'm prepared, because I'm a mom.  We'll keep busy, this little family of mine, because come Fall not only will Brayden be heading back to school, but Gage will be heading to Pre-K. 

Summer fun will certainly be needed around these parts, and lots of it.  There are memories to be made, water to be splashed with, night stars to count, and smiles to grace the faces of our family. 

Here's to Summer!


beka said...

ahh, good days like that are to be cherished! so glad one came along for you, dear:)

AlyGatr said...

I busted out the water balloons yesterday. I quickly learned it took a fraction of the time to pop them than it did to make them. Oh well! mmmm now I want Smores...

Ashley said...

Sometimes they just know when we mommas need a little bit of a break. Oh how sweet those breaks are!

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

Just so stinking sweet! I'm happy for the boys (and you!) to officially start summer!

ps- your word verification box just had me type "uriated" What the heck?! lol!