Thursday, June 2, 2011

She and He - June

He has golden brown skin from being outside so much now that the weather is finally nice.
She is pasty white and is more than content to sit inside in front of the air conditioner.
He is itching to take his Jeep out on the muddy trails.
She decided that she's cutting all of her hair off this weekend.
He is not looking forward to the 16 hour drive to Florida that this month will bring.
She can't wait to greet the Atlantic Ocean as an old friend again.
He has been manning the grill a lot.
She is happy to not have to turn on the oven in the already 90 degree house.
He likes to zip through the woods on the quad to cool off.
She prefers to stick her feet in the kiddie pool with the boys.
They are ready to make this summer an incredible one.
He is happy with his simple but full life.
She is happy with her simple but full life.


Chana@ Mamma Town said...

I LOVE these posts and look forward to them every month. SO sweet and I'm swooning:) Can't wait to see your new hair...I know you are gonna ROCK it! I'll be so jealous because I can not pull off short hair! Your face is so pretty, you are gonna look awesome! xoxoxo

Nen said...

looking forward to seeing your new 'do!!

wish we had a lot of property to have a 4 wheeler!! i just bought a kiddie pool... i'm hoping there isn't a weight limit cuz i plan on sitting in it with the baby on really hot days!!!