Thursday, May 12, 2011

On Perfect Mornings

He snuggles up right against me, curling his little body up tight to encase it in my arms and nuzzling his warm face into the crook of my neck.

"Good Morning Mom," he whispers with a still sleepy voice.

We are lying snuggled up on my pillow. It’s early. We’re the only two in the house awake.  Mike is already long gone and is an hour into his work day.  Brayden is still snoring softly, fast asleep.  This is my Gage time.

Today is special.  Gage managed to crawl out of the lower bed of his and his brothers bunk beds and trot in his sleep filled haze over to my room where he slid right into my bed.  The days of him coming to me first in the mornings have been a thing of the past until today.  Usually his first stop is right up the latter outside of his bed to wake his brother up with a jubilant yell of "Rise and Shine, Brayden!"

I place kiss after kiss atop his head, my lips sticking to his messy bed head.  He laughs and squirms with glee. 

"Mom, let's get up and watch Thomas the Tank Engine," he says.  So we do.  One cup of milk later and we're ready to start the day, just as Brayden comes trotting down the hall to join us.

Yes little one, it's a good morning indeed.


Faith said...

This is SO sweet :)

and you have such a great perspective about your morning.

Nen said...

so sweet... the best mommy moments ever. i look forward to those!

(and ADORABLE pic!!)

Beka said...

awwww. super super duper sweet.
i love those moments with little and not-so-little boys!

AlyGatr said...

:) Amelia tends to walk into my room at very odd hours of the morning (like at 4:00 am) and just starts talking to me in her normal voice and volume and it always startles me! The other morning it was just to tell me she had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Yeah, I was a little disoriented, but I enjoyed picking her up and putting her back in bed with a little kiss :)

Ashley said...

What a beautiful moment just for the two of you : )