Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slow Down, Amanda

Dear Amanda,

Slow Down!

Right now God is doing amazing things in your life.  You are so blessed, you really am.  But more often than not you are also very prone to being overwhelmed by the busyness of it all. 

In those frazzled moments when you're tired, irritable, and just plain run down you often think to myself (and aloud to anyone who just so happens to be standing near you at the time) that if you just have more hours during the day then your life would be so much easier.  But that's not true, not at all. Amanda, you just need to make sure that you are spending time with the source. You need to be refilled and encouraged every single day. You need Jesus. You need to fill up on Him and His words or you're left empty and burnt out. There is a distinct difference in yourself on the days where you place myself in His presence compared to the days where you struggle though, trying to forge your own path.

When you stop stressing over fitting all of the ins and outs of your life into your calendar and really slow down to see the quiet moments of your heart, that's when you'll feel like you're really living. Be amazed with all that surrounds you and be thankful for each and every moment given to you.  And really start to live them, taking time to stop and smell the roses.

The Reflective Part of Your Brain That Doesn't Always Make Herself Known But When She Does You'd Better Listen


Marisa Hopkins said...

AMANDA! You have got to read the book Time Management for the Creative Person by Lee Silber. Seriously, it has revolutionized my life (okay, that's a little extreme, but I'm telling ya, it's a great book). You sound so much like me - a super creative person that takes on too much (too much great stuff so it's hard to say no!) and then struggles to balance it all with what's most important: family and self-health! Seriously, this book is made to help the creative person find balance in everything and enjoy life so much more. I highly recommend it :)

I love this post! Glad you're telling yourself to slow down!

beka said...

i need to read that book marisa just suggested:) i'm creative, and i neeeeeed more time management tips. urgh. yes.

life...is reallyreally beautiful. and yes, He's doing so many amazing things!! <3 this post.

AlyGatr said...

Can your reflective part of your brain write me a letter too? I think I need the same message :)