Monday, February 7, 2011

Next I'll Be Buying Tennis Balls For My Walker...

Last weekend as we were getting ready to go out and about to do some errands I found myself in front of my bathroom mirror with my Chi in one hand and my brush in the other. It was the beginning of a totally normal day.

Until it wasn't.

Because as I was passing the straightener through my hair, making my normally frizzy and wavy locks smooth and straight, I caught the bright reflection of a grey strand against the stark contrast of my black hair.

And I freaked out. A grey hair!! On my head!!

And to make matters worse, since most of my hair was still an unstraightened poof ball and the offending hair was towards the back of my head I had to call Mike into the bathroom to pull the sucker out since I couldn't get a good enough grip on the sucker to pull it out without pulling a bunch of other hairs out too. It's bad enough that I had a grey hair, I certainly didn't need a bald spot to go along with it. So Mike got to come in and join my pity party.

(I don't care if the old wives tale of pulling one out ends up with three in its place is true of not, there was no way that thing was spending one more second on my head! )

I suppose now is as good a time as any to welcome myself into the wonderful world of hair dye.


Marisa Hopkins said...

OH NO!! I laughed. Sorry. But I'm with you... no grey hairs yet, but I search frequently - already beginning to panic about my impending b-day (ie doomsday) the big 3-0!

AlyGatr said...

OK, now is about the time I smack you both! I'm best friends with my box of Perfect 10. Thanks to my mom's side of the family...yes those early gray-ers, I can't ever remember how long ago it was I got my first one. I've certainly got roots going now that tell me I need to crack open the box that's sitting on my vanity and has been for 3 weeks. UGH. You can send me those tennis balls anytime you feel the need!

Beka said...

Oh my!!
Definitely hair dye time.
I think I'm going for a bit more reddish this next time...before my birthday Sunday.... :)
Not that I'm going grey. But that day will come someday.....sigh.

CourtneyKeb said...

Totally have a head full of gray hair. I've never really cared until recently when I randomly decided to dye it.

I like to think of it as "silver highlights" ;)