Friday, February 4, 2011

Hidden Treasure

I remember when taking a picture was like a guessing game and you were completely unsure of the quality of the shot until you got your pictures back from the developer, only after you sealed away your 35mm roll into an envelope and trusted someone else with your memories.

Digital cameras killed that, the excitement of tearing into a photo package and seeing what you got. I suppose it also killed the all too ofter finger in front of the lens pictures too. But still, the production that we make as photographers is astounding compared to what it used to be.

When I was a kid my parents had a Polaroid and that was it. And then when Polaroid film got too expensive for my working class family, my mom would occasionally pick up a disposable camera for special occasions like Christmas or Easter. Needless to say there aren't a whole lot of pictures floating around of my childhood, which sometimes baffles me when compared to the tens of thousands that I've seemed to encompass of Brayden and Gage during their short lives.

So to uncover a gem like the one below of my mother and I is a treasure.

This was taken on Christmas Eve at my Nana's house. I think I was 7 maybe. I wish I could remember this moment, I really do. I remember that my mom absolutely hated to have her picture taken, so while there is very few of me there is even less of her, and to have one of the two of us together is amazing. About 4 months before this picture (I think, I'm a bit fuzzy on the timeline) I was made to get my waist length curly brown hair cut off thanks to my knack for chewing on it, resulting in that awesome brown helmet head.


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Beka said...

Awww, love the sweet picture. Good memories with those non-digital photos! :)

Melodye said...

What a wonderful surprise! My mom always cut my bangs the night before school pictures... crooked bangs on a high forhead isn't always a good look!

Thanks for sharing :-)

Ashley said...

great picture to cherish for a lifetime : ) have a good weekend!