Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Am I

Sometimes, well most of the time actually, it absolutely amazes me that people come here, read that things that I've written, and can find a part of themselves relating to them. I love it that you come here, and I consider you all my personal friends, even though I've never had a real conversation with most of you. Life is funny like that though, sometimes the inspiration that you take is from a perfect stranger.

I feel like I know all of you know, like really know you. I know your families and your children. I know your habits and the things that you love. So why is it that sometimes, being so sure of everyone else, I forget the things that make up who I am, those little idiosyncrasies.

Sometimes I wonder, who am I?

Every single night I thank the Lord for my boys. I have a really awesome husband who would bend over backwards just to see me smile and two amazing children who never cease to amaze me. I'm truly blessed, and when I say that I live a charmed life I really do mean it. I pray often, and I am always thankful for my family during my quiet times with God.

Even still, I'm a cynical, negative, glass half empty person who is in love with Jesus. Obviously this creates a problem, one I've been working a great deal on fixing. I strive to see the good in everything, and I wish that it was my natural reaction to do so. I want His love and how it shines through me to be the first thing about me that people notice. I write about Jesus because he's impacted my life in a way that I've never before thought possible. It wasn't too long ago that I saw only grey. I may have to dig a bit for the colors of my life, but at least now I can see them shining brightly for me.


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AlyGatr said...

Oh, I think you are a little less negative and cynical than you think! I see your colors shining through all the time :)

Alicia said...

It so nice to have blogger friends like you that aren't afraid to just be real, speak truth, and be themselves. :)

p.s something for you..

Beka said...

love love love.
so beautiful, so true!