Friday, January 7, 2011

Ketchup on the Ceiling

Often times I get caught up thinking about when my boys were small. When Gage ate dinner, or heck any meal really, he always ended up with more of it plastered to the floor, high chair, and his lap then he actually got into his little mouth. Brayden would leave a trail of toys all through the house as he went from one thing holding his interest to another, always finding something exciting and new at every turn.

Truth is, not much has changed. I still find myself scraping food from all sorts of surfaces in the house and my floors are littered with every toy imaginable (with the exception of anything that's pink, because this is a boys house after all).

Where did the time go, and when did my babies stop being babies? Slow down little boys. Give mama a chance to catch up to you!

That slobber faced baby Gage was roughly about 18 months in this picture, and big brown eyed Brayden was 4 1/2 (which is just a few months older than Gage is now).

After a year and a half of adjusting to being a mom of two at the time, I still didn't have it all together. And now, after 4+ years of it, I'm not sure I ever will.

And I'm ok with that.

Sometimes ketchup gets on the ceiling, and I don't know how. Sometimes in my "it's waaaay to early to be awake but the kids are up so I'm up" morning daze I step on a lego and want nothing more than the hex the inventor of such tortuous devices when left on the floor. Life is messy. Rather than grin and bare it, I grin and enjoy it. Legos and all.

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Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

I can't believe how fast the time goes, and I fear my son will be 18 before I know it. Slow down indeed.

Christopher And Tia said...

But really, the food gets EVERYWHERE, doesn't it?

I love all of your pictures Amanda, always. They're always so real. Never posed. And naturally flawless.

Marisa Hopkins said...

Life is messy... SO DARNED TRUE... and with kids around, life is MESSY!!

Such a cute photo, Miss Mandy!

Nen said...

what a sweet picture of you 3...

i remember my parents stepping on legos when we were kids... hehehe...

i hope i can enjoy all of those crazy kid moments with my little one! i'm not one for much patience... but i'm praying that i can handle it!

Beka said...

Yep, those days of food getting everywhere....well, it still happens, but.... :)

Ashley said...

Its so very bittersweet to sit back and think about how fast our kids grow up. At least we have beautiful memories to reflect back on..and know we can look forward to many more in the future.

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Faith said...

Oh I'm with you there. I miss when my kids were little too. I wish I could have the same perspective I have now back then and be okay with not being together. I tried SO hard - too hard I think - instead of just enjoying what a great time of life that was.

SO glad we don't have legos at our house (I have mostly girls - and only Ello blocks which stay on the top shelf of the closet most of the time!)

Anonymous said...

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Closer to Lucy said...

It does go fast, doesn't it?

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

I found your blog through Lucy's hop. I nodded through this whole post, except my boys are ten now. (it's still messy) I need to stop blinking. Your guys are adorable. Have fun.

I'm following you now. Happy Monday.