Monday, November 22, 2010

Accio More Time

With Gage and I joining MOPs and having all morning together with Mike is at work and Brayden is at school it seems that his and I relationship is effortless thanks in part to the time available to devote to it.

Brayden, on the other hand, has become a different story. He's reached the age where he's on the edge of still wanting to hang out with mom and wanting to be with friends. I feel like I'm starting to run out of time with him. I have these visions of him no longer wanting hugs from him mom in public and I'm pretty much dreading when he tells me to stop calling him sweetie or whatever pet name I've come up with at the time.

In an effort to preserve these precious moments with him while I still have them, Brayden and I embarked on a much needed Mommy and Me date, where it was only he and I and an afternoon of fun.

Together he and I HP'ed it, complete with a giant bucket of popcorn.

(It was an AWESOME movie!)

I want to remember this day, and I want him to remember that no matter how big he gets, that his mom will always be there for him, even when he might not want me around (Even if I am dreading that day).


Marisa Hopkins said...

Aw, sounds like it was a great date!! :) I love having Annelie and Me dates when Gracie is in school... there is never enough time in my days either (seriously, remember when the days seemed SO long back in the day? What gives!!) but when we do have them, they are always the BEST moments!

AlyGatr said...

Amelia and I have had some cool "Mommy and Me" dates lately and I am SO grateful for it. As it is I feel like I don't see them enough.

We used HP7 as a way for Dominic and I to finally have a date without kids!

Nen said...

having a special time set aside sounds like just the right thing! glad you were able to have your "date"!! i think as a girl, it was easy for me to want to hang out with my mom just as much as with my friends(what few friends i did have) as i got older. i think it's different with boys.... or at least i assume it would be!