Thursday, July 8, 2010


Every single night after I lay down in my bed but before I fall asleep I have a routine. I roll this way and that way, trying to get comfortable until I can finally decide on a suitable position (Mike says I'm like a cat who has to circle before I can lay down). I think about my day, the good and the bad. I think about tomorrow, and then I pray.

Mike is one of those people who fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. For me the process is a bit more involved than that so at night as I'm slowly starting to drift off I use that quiet time, secure and wrapped in the arms of my husband, to spend time with God.

Prayer is a very personal thing I've found. Some people pray daily and often and some people reserve prayer for when there is something wrong. Some people have an unfailing faith that allows them to know and love God and some people don't, but ask for miracles and blessings as needed. How ever it works for you, if you pray at all that is, is entirely up to you. For me, though, I relish in that time that I take each and every night to close my eyes and be thankful for the abundance of blessings my life is surrounded with.

Prayer is magic, healing, transformation, love, connection, ascension, enlightenment, wisdom and empowerment in ways we can never perceive fully. So I pray often and I pray hard. And every night I close my prayers by asking for strength. It's probably the one constant in my prayers actually. I ask for the strength to be confident. I ask for the strength to face the day and everything that it brings. I ask for the strength to be good mother and a good wife. I ask for the strength to face my fears and place my anxiety behind me. And so forth and so forth.

And in my nightly ritual I have found that my prayers have been answered ten fold. I've found that God doesn't just give you all of the things that you ask for, but instead gives you opportunities. Opportunities for myself to find that strength inside of myself and put it to work.

Do you pray?


Nen said...

(i just wrote out a HUGE comment... and my computer screwed up and i lost it!! i'm not going to write it all out again... but thank you for sharing! it's encouraging to hear about others prayers--especially for someone like me who doesn't have a whole lot of friends around me to connect with on things like that!)

Christopher And Tia said...

You and I, and our husbands, are very alike, when it comes to falling asleep.

I lay awake and think. Christopher snores before he even gets in the room.

I do pray. Sometimes its not very direct though. I mean to pray, but I don't concentrate on it. I think about how I SHOULD pray, but then it slips my mind. I hope, that in those cases, the message gets across anyways. And when I typically do pray, while laying in bed, I fall asleep mid prayer. I always feel guilty for that. But at the same time, soemtimes I wonder if its God's way of letting me know that I can relax and stop worrying about everything.

I should pray more.
I want to pray more.

krissilugbill said...

how loevely! i do pray, but not nearly as often as i wish i do. My prayers are very fragmented like my thoughts, and i often get lost in my prayers. I like the idea of praying at night when you are tossing and turning... i need to do that. that you for the post - it is a great reminder of prayer

Es said...

It was nice reading your thoughts on praying this way, as it seems so familiar. Thanks for sharing this.