Friday, July 9, 2010

A Swing and a Babe

This evening the husband and I are supposed to take over Gage's old baby swing to a friend who just her own little boy a few weeks ago. It's a bittersweet thing, getting rid of those old baby things that are doing nothing but taking up space in the attic and collecting dust. I'm happy to be giving it to someone who can really use it, but my hear breaks at getting rid of a piece of one of my children's baby days.

I'm not a pack rat or anything, quite the contrary actually (my husband on the other hand ...) but I've had an absolutely terrible time getting rid of anything baby related. There are boxes upon boxes of clothes, toys, and other assorted do dads just begging for use. I need to let them go so that someone who needs them can have them.

Perhaps next year ...

But for now, while I see the swing sitting in our dining room waiting for it's delivery to little Noah, all I can do is remember when my little guy was small enough to use it. That swing was my saving grace many times over, thanks to a colic stricken Gage who would only cease his screaming while swinging away happily. After the swing lulled him to dream land I would pick him up and together we would snuggle until it was time to say goodnight and go to the crib.

The wailing and crying I don't miss so much, but this lil babe I sure do.

Gage Michael - 5 1/2 months

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Chana said...

Oh my gosh! Look at that little nugget! Isn't it so sad how fast they grow up?!

Nen said...

what a sweet pic!!

AlyGatr said...

What a sweet little thing he was :) For some reason I've always been more attached to the baby clothes and shoes than the baby gear. Our baby swing was a hand me down from my sister. When Amelia got tired of it, we donated it to the daycare where she used to go. With Merrick, we went with a rocker/bouncy seat and eventually we sold it in a garage sale. Maybe it was because we were so cluttered with "stuff", but I wasn't all that sorry to see it go. Both of their first walking shoes though, forget about it. Those are staying tucked away forever.

Lanie Ree said...

Oh, he was such a sweet baby.

Stopping by from Flashback Friday

tessica said...

what a sweet ol baby!

btw i have some homework/ a challenge for you!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw, so ridiculously precious. And yes, definitely a bittersweet moment, passing those baby toys on!

Christopher And Tia said...

Those cheeks!!! Those little fists!!! *sigh*

We got rid of a lot of our baby things between kids. We thought we would be moving soon, and didn't want to have to store it all. And then we found out we weren't moving. And then a day later, we found out we were having another baby. oops.

Thats so nice of you to pass on the swing to somebody else, though. We like to donate our items to the Airman's Attic here on base, so that other families in need can use the things that we once needed, too.

Sometimes I think about keeping it all, boxing it up and storing it for when my babies have babies, but... thats SO far down the road. And by then there will probably be way cooler stuff that they'll want to have, not mom's stinky ol' pack n play, haha.