Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flowers and Journals and Bears, Oh My!

It's been a busy few days. I don't particularly like it, though, when things are too busy. I always end up feeling so rushed that I just can't seem to stop and catch my breath.

Right now I'm working on making 4 bouquets for one of my good friends destination beach wedding, a wedding that I'm actually a bridesmaid for. So in just a few days I'll be hitting the road and will be on my way to Chinoteaague, Virginia. I should probably finish the bouquets first though. I'm excited for her, and for the amazing weekend that I'm sure we'll all have.

I'm down to just one journal in my poor neglected etsy shop. Making more has been on my list of things to do for awhile now, but that list is a long one and somehow even with all my good intentions making the things just seems to get pushed further and further down that list. Right now, if I'm being honest, my etsy shop just isn't my priority at the moment. I'll come back to it soon and get it updated, I always do.

Last night, around 10pm, a bear came strolling down beside my house and into the outskirts of the woods behind my house. We're waiting on the PA Game Commission to come, because this bear has been lingering around for awhile now. For right now though, the kids and I are stuck inside because there is really nothing like the fear of a bear attack to make you want to stay indoors. And needless to say, my little ones, who need to go and run off some of their energy, are not in the best spirits having to stay in the house today.

And the icing on my big old stressed out cake must be my broken, virus infected computer (which is why this post has no pictures). Oh sigh. Things will calm down soon I'm sure. But until then I'm riding along on the roller coaster of life, looking for the brightness in all that I do.


tessica said...

a bear!!
oh my!!!

AlyGatr said...

Wow, I know I see those videos on TV of bears wandering around neighborhoods, but never have known anyone to actually see one. Maybe Yogi is looking for a pic-a-nic.

OOH, bouquets....I'd love to see pics of those!!