Thursday, April 1, 2010

Make it: Some New Wall Art

I've needed a project for awhile now. For a little bit there I kinda sorta took a break from doing anything craft related. I've just been so tired and stressed out lately that somehow all of my personal interests, the things that keep me sane, got pushed to the back burner.

But the sun is finally shining and Spring is finally here, and all at one my craft mojo came rushing back. I re-opened my etsy shop, after having closed it to take a little break, and I've been making stuff for around the house like a mad woman.

My walls have been looking a bit blah lately. I don't really switch the things that I have hung up around to often and things here at casa Oh Mandie have gotten stale. So a project to create some new wall art was my first endeavor in what seemed like forever.

• Assorted pretty patterned scrapbook papers
• Mod Podge
• Foam Brush
• Art Canvas (found at Michael's for about $5.00)
• Vinyl (I used this with my Cricut Expression to cut out the letters, but stickers would work just as well)

1. Start by ripping your papers in strips and then arrange on the canvas to where you like them with the ripped white edges overlapping the tops of the paper.

2. Decoupage the papers onto the canvas, making wonky looking stripes.

3. Choose a phrase, quote, or whatever you want your picture to say and cut out your vinyl (or use your stickers and arrange on the board.

4. Seal the entire thing with another layer of Mod Podge

5, Hang it up and love the new addition to your walls. Easy Peasy!

The paper, vinyl, and Mod Podge I had on hand, so the total cost of this project for me was a whopping $5.00 for the canvas. Grab yourself a Michael's coupon and make it even cheaper!


AlyGatr said...

I LOVE it Amanda!! I just love how you use paper in such innovative ways. You have such an eye for, well everything :) I've been wanting to play with my Mod've given me some ideas.

Devon said...

WOW! that's awesome!

i still have a ton of pictures and decorations to hang up in my house so my walls are pretty boring!

Christopher And Tia said...

Very cool :)

Mod Podge Amy said...

This is so cute - happy Easter!