Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dramatic Black and White

I've wanted to submit an entry to I Heart Faces for awhile now, but looking as their list of weekly entries has seriously intimidated me. From what I've gathered the majority of the people whom enter their photos are professional photographers with fancy cameras who know all about capturing the perfect image. Meanwhile, I'm just a mom with a Kodak trying to capture life's small moments. But I figured that it was time to bite the bullet, so here I am.

This weeks theme is Dramatic Black and White photographs, which I love. There is something so raw and beautiful about a black and white photo, don't you think?

I snapped this picture of Gage last weekend when the sun was shinning and we ventured outside to play. He's pushing a little toy train through the grass and just enjoying the warmth of being outside after a long and cold Winter.


tara said...

oh to play outside (again!). and yes, love the b&w.

They call me mommy... said...

Beautiful picture! I totally agree about the list of pros being a bit intimidating, I am also a newbie to I heart faces and a mommy just trying to capture my children's childhood on film (=

Christopher And Tia said...

I get overwhelmed by i heart faces too. I've entered a couple of times, when I think the challenge is fun, but I never enter to win. its very intimidating, becuase sometimes i see a picture that i've taken and think "this is the best picture ever", and then I click over there, and instantly my face crinkles and my head deflates, haha.

you should enter more often though. if you do, i will.

AlyGatr said...

You take amazing pictures and I'm glad you entered! That's a great shot. You can never go wrong with black and white :)