Friday, November 21, 2008

Tea For Two - A Tale of a Girl and the Quest for the Perfect Cup

Its cold here today. Like really cold. There is about 2 1/2 inches on snow on the ground with more to come all week long and the little widget thingy on my computer says that its currently 21 degrees out there, although I can attest that when I was standing out at the bottom of my driveway with Brayden a little over an hour ago waiting for the bus, it felt colder than 21 degrees.

So of course in order to wake up and more importantly warm up I turn to my old standby every single morning. A wonderful cup of Hot Tea - Black Chai Tea today in fact. I do coffee too on occasion, but something about tea is more intimate, from the whistle of the kettle to the steeping of the tea bag - its a process to get the perfect cup of tea.

I collect vintage tea cups, not for value or even use, but because I think they are so lovely and intricate... that and I feel like I'm British or something with a fancy tea cup and saucer. But truth be told, I don't use my tea cup collection, nor would I dare to. I could never disturb the little display I have set up, and the royal-esque feeling I get from those sweet little tea cups.

So where does that leave me in the mornings? Drinking my perfectly made tea out of a not so perfect tea mug. A bright pink tea mug.... with Tinkerbell on it. My tea and my mornings deserve better! I go to all of that trouble to make the perfect cup of hot tea each and every morning only to drink it out of the most horrendous of mugs. So today I am on the hunt for the perfect tea cup! Help me choose bloggers!

Tea Cup #1 - Aqua Cup and Saucer Set by Michelle Swafford Pottery - $36.00
Tea Cup #2 - Love is Like Tea Haiku Tea Cup by Felicitea - $10.00
Tea Cup #3 - Persephone's Vine in Blue Green by Circa Ceramics - $35.00


ReeesaT said...

I really, really like the simplicity of the one in the middle. A nice little poem, a quirky heart on the inside ... looks good to me!

Christopher And Tia said...

I like teacup #2 the most!

I'm jealous of your beautiful snow. Its always sunny here, and I forget that its supposed to be the holiday season because of it.

esque said...

I feel the same way about tea - there's something truly special about the perfect cup that you made yourself!

I really, really like the first one: the blue interior is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Well I have to be honest and say that most of my mugs have come from the dollar store. You'd be surprised what you can find there, some really cool ones... I have two or three huge mugs that take both hands to hold, and I love them. A cup of joe for me is never just a cup of joe. It's got to be the biggest cup I can fit in my hands without spilling it all over the place... though I do that too sometimes... hehee. ♥

elizabethjayne said...

I can't believe no one's said #3! It just looks like a tea cup should - cute and dainty and mysterious.