Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beautiful ♥

It's funny how sometimes all it takes to enlighten your spirit is the smallest thing.

I've been in a sort of personal rut lately. I think all moms go through that at one time or another, feeling as if their entire identity is defined by their children. I love my boys, I love watching Yo Gabba Gabba every afternoon at 11:30 (no really I do, its a cute show!), I love spending the evenings coloring in coloring books and pushing little toy trains around. But that's not entirely who I am.

I'm a girl darn it! I live in a house full of boys and sometimes you just want to break out the dresses and make up and play dress up!

When I walked out in the rain to the end of my drive way to get the mail at 11am today I was still wearing my pajamas, my hair was a horridly curly poof of frizz, and my only real plans for the day included emptying the dishwasher and if time permits finishing up the 2 journals I started yesterday. But when I opened that white box and saw a small blue package my whole outlook on the day changed.

I broke out my best friend in the world, my Chi straightening iron and fixed my hair - which needed it so desperately that if I hadn't of done it when I did it would only have been a matter of time before birds started to nest in there. I got dressed and even put on makeup, knowing full well that the only people who I'll really come face to face with are my children and husband, all whom love me no matter what my appearance is for the day.

Inside of that small blue package was a perfect purple box. And inside of that perfect purple box were the two lovely hair clips that I had custom made courtesy of Sew Lovely. Now these are not your ordinary hair clips and they certainly had to be treated as such. They didn't deserve my tousled hair or my shabby appearance. So I glammed up just so that I could try them on, and in return they changed my outlook on the day and helped me to feel something that I was lacking - beautiful. ♥


ElegantSnobbery said...

You have a Chi! I'm so jealous. My hair is a poufy frizz, so I have to straighten it daily.. but I don't have a Chi, so I never look quite fab enough.

But you know, despite having two little girly girls who play dress up and all that... I feel the same way as you! And sometimes I just can't take it anymore and do a full and lovely make-up job on myself during nap time... even if I only go as far as the mailbox. Helps me feel normal!

elizabethjayne said...

aww, I loved this post! And the photo fits in perfectly with the tone.

I've got long straight and fine hair, which is not nearly as fabulous as it sounds. Those clips would fall out in two seconds! And I never get to have curly hair :(

Denise Felton said...

Oooooooooo! Those are so pretty! And so are YOU!

Anonymous said...

And that you are sweet pea.

esque said...

Too cute! I need to get me some of those hair clips!