Thursday, January 10, 2008

She Dances On The Sand

Sometimes it is the simplest acts that can create the biggest smiles!

My computer was recently wiped clean due to some major system board failures and Windows Vista being so crappy thus all of my pictures and music vanishing into what I can only assume is a techo waste dump somewhere in Tennessee.
My husband, Mike, and I decided to re-download some music onto the computer, and seeing as it was around midnight things of course got silly as they so ofter do during those late hours. And all I have to say is this::::

Michael Jackson is a musical GENIUS, screw his personal life and his pedophillia, Billie Jean was, is, and always will be one of my favorite songs!

Just because I know all of the words to Rio does not make me a nerd. Duran Duran is (or rather was) amazing!

I LIKE PRINCE... maybe I'll even buy a Raspberry Beret just to spite everyone!

So seriously, dont take yourself so seriously! Download all of those crazy songs that you may or may not want people to know you love, and laugh! Alot!
"Sometimes I feel I've got to... (ugh ugh) run away. I've got to (ugh ugh) get away" :-)


decadentdiamond said...

I never followed the whole paedophile thing, but I personally think it's nonsense.

(I love Billie Jean!!)

Tracy said...

Okay, I'm 40 and those songs you mentioned were big hits in the 80's. I bought Prince's Purple Rain after seeing the movie and have a couple of M.J's records. Duran Duran was okay.
My music taste back then was called 'New Wave', bands using a lot of synthesizers and 'weirder' sounds/styles. I was a huge fan of Gary Numan, Japan, David Sylvian ( of Japan ). Then there was The Clash, Soft Cell, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, etc...It was this style that got me loving trance, techno and electronica today.

But every now and again I enjoy watching M.J's Thriller on Youtube