Friday, January 11, 2008


Want to sponsor Oh Mandie? Your 150x150 ad will be added to the top right hand sidebar for only $5.00 per month. (cheap, right?!)

My goal is to promote other independent/mom-based businesses and blogs, and at the moment those are the only type of ad's I'm accepting.


A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Haha, my husband also gets into my camera. He'll take pictures of the cats doing stupid things and then when I go to take a picture of something I'm going to list on Etsy, my batteries are dead!

Once he took 5 minute video of his golf swing. Now I keep extra batteries on hand.

I have a craft table now and a craft room now, and its great. It's just a long card table I got on sale at Target :) I have it set up with my TV and computer, when its messy I just close the door :)

Shannon said...

My workbench is in my unfinished basement, it looks as bad as that!:)
I added you to my etsy blogger roll.