Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Todays Forecast: Creative

For the past couple of days its been in the mid to upper 60's here outside! I dont know what it is, Spring Fever, even though its only January, a longing desire to go outside without a 5 pound winter parka, or just my absolute disgust with all things snow and cold, but I've been quite upbeat and motivated lately. For my three newest journals I've picked out some fun, funky, and totally fresh designs!

Vines and Vices - for long walks around the lake at Shawnee State Park
Frequency - for driving with the sunroof open and the volume cranked up
Wild Streak - for day visits to the Pittsburgh Zoo

Tommorow when the skies turn grey again, the snow fluries fly, and my body shivers, it'll be nice to know that those moments of sunshine and warmth left their mark creativly!

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decadentdiamond said...

Those journals are really lovely! If you have a problem with writing,(in response to your earlier post) just draw! .. I haven't actually 'written' anything in ages, I only just draw and doodle.. anything that needs writing I just do on Word... it's funny I've mentioned that actually, I haven't seen any of my 11 year old sisters' written work, because she does it all on word. It's quite bad though, I had to write pages and pages and pages when I was at school.. in a few years time, children at school will be sitting in their classrooms with laptops on their desks!