Friday, January 25, 2008

Feature of the Day: Rustic Rainbow

Feature of the Day: Rustic Rainbow

I've been a fan of polymer clay work for quite awhile now, and Rustic Rainbow Handmade Creations is a store that lives up to its reputation of quality craftmanship and excellent customer service. I'm not only a fan of Jennifers work, but I'm also proud to call her my friend so but of course who else would I choose as my first blog feature but her!

Bold, earthy tones, in chunky one of a kind pieces is what mades this jewelry unique!

Jennifers color molding is truely unique and eye-poping. These pendants resemble sweets made in a sugar confectionary and look good enough to eat!

Amazingly handcrafted pieces with brilliant bold patterns just begging to be hung off of the neck of a girl who should be noticed!

Why I love Rustic Rainbow Handmade Creations::
Awhile ago, completely on a whim I decided to pick up some polymer clay and try my hand at making my own beads and charms. I've seen all of these other amazing and beautiful creations while browsing through the handmade jewelry in a few Etsy shops. How hard could it be, I thought. I mean I have two little boys and I do consider myself a master in the fine art of Play-Doh, so polymer clay molding should be a piece of cake! Wrong!What you see in the corner there is what I came up with.... admitedly, the hot dog is kinda cute, but seriously my five year old son could have made either one of these. Bottom line: Jennifers creations are beautiful and are gorgeously handcrafted from the heart, a skill that can't just be aquired in an afternoon of one day. And trust me, she has a beautiful spirit to match :-) Go and see for yourself: Rustic Rainbow Handmade Creations

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