Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Casualties of Spray Paint

Normally I hand paint the uncovered parts of my journals under and around the binding. Its tedious and time consuming and and all around pain the butt at times when you have 2 children screaming for my attention. So my husband, the innovative thinker that he is (and by innovative I mean that he has more common sense that I do) suggested that I should just spray paint them and save myself a myriad of time. So I got a fancy expensive can of spray paint and decided on doing the painting in my bathroom because it has an exhaust fan and that way the kids wouldnt have to breathe in any fumes. If it wouldnt have been 4 degrees I would have just gone outside. So I line my bathtub with newspaper and line out the front and back covers of two journals and begin to spray.

.... and as I was painting the teeny amount of force from the nozzle blew up my nicely laid out paper and a lovely black line now appeared on my previously white bath tub. Stupidly, I thought, hey its not dry yet, I can just wipe it off! So I grabbed a rag soaked with hot water and scrubed and in the process made the 2 inch black line a giant grey mess. Oh yeah... that fancy can of paint I used was Ultra Fast Drying. And of course it bubbled on the journals and they too were a total loss and are unusable.

With my tail between my legs I called my husband and made him promise not to be mad at me before I told him what happened.... luckily he just laughed and promised that we'd find someway to remove the black stain from the bottom of my tub.

I'll stick to hand-painting.

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High Desert Diva said...

oh man! Best laid plans....

maybe you could collage on top of the bubbles to salvage them???