Sunday, January 27, 2008


My two newest Fantasy-esque journals! Made with a gorgeous combo of elegant colors and rich sparkling glitter accents. I'm really proud of these and think that they are some of my best work yet! What can I say, I was in a sort of fairytale mindset over the past few days and here are the results!

Sweet Fae Altered Journal

Happily Ever After Altered Journal


Snitterdog said...

Beautiful journals! You are really talented :) and I like the music on your blog too :)

celeste said...

Oh! I love the journals!! So pretty.

Snitterdog said...

Your journals are amazing! They are so detailed and unique! Keep up the wonderful work :)

Snitterdog said...

sorry I'm so repetitive :)-

mosey handmade said...

very pretty!
and btw when your music came on i was like man- are we having a hurricane! i guess i'm getting old fast!!!!

Breanna said...

Good post.