Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life, Vacation Parts 2 and 3, and Other Things of Vital Importance

I'd say that I'm sorry for my unintentional break from blogging, but the truth is that I'm not.  I could even come up with a bunch of reasons to excuse my absence, but I'll spare you all.  Plain and simple, I've been spending time with my family lately, enjoying the Summertime.  And it's been wonderful. 

Things here are slow, even though we've been so busy.  It's funny how that works.  Perhaps it's the season.  I'm working full time now and beginning to get into the planning stages of MOPS beginning next month.  Mike is also busy with work, his well loved schedule changing slightly and throwing all of our days off just a twinge. Brayden and Gage are both, albeit grudgingly, gearing up for school season to start again. The lazy days are winding down, but they are no less full. That's Summer for you though. 

Anyways, even though our vacation was over two and a half weeks ago... or something like that (everything melts together in the Summer) we are still reliving all of the fun we had and smiling over it.  After our beach adventure to Ocean City, MD we road tripped it back to Pennsylvania for a visit to the Eastern side of the state.  We started in Hershey, where all things chocolate and yummy are made.  We roamed the charming little town, ate at a Fudruckers (so fun!), took a tour of the Chocolate Factory, and spent the day in Hershey Park.  Oh and we ate chocolate.  Because heaven knows I love Reese Cups!

After spending a few days in Hershey we drove over to Strasburg, PA where they have a wonderful old time train station filled with working steam engine pulled trains.  Needless to say Gage, my all things train obsessed child, was in his glory.  We spent the morning at the station looking at wonderfully old trains before we took a ride of our own through Amish country in an open air coach (no windows = awesome).

It was the perfect last day to our road trip style vacation.  We took it easy, got our Amish on (if you're new around here, then you probably don't know that I have an unhealthy love and obsession for all things Amish), ate some good eats, and made our way back home.

Until next time, folks.  Please, don't be a stranger.


Britty Luna said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. And I totally forgot about Hersheys! Thanks for sharing :)

Corinna said...

Aww we might be taking our little tot to Hershey in September. I don't think I've been there since college but they have a really nice toddler area from what I remember.

Looks like everyone had a great time!

Devon said...

Hershey is great! And the tilt-a-whirl ride is my FAV... too bad it makes me sick. Seems like ever since I started driving... sitting in the back seat, boat rides and amusement park rides make me motion sick. Oh, to be a kid again! (Or to be able to pop some dramamine!)

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!! :)