Friday, May 18, 2012


What we did this week:
We made these amazing S'mores Cookies thanks to a cupboard full of left over supplies from a recent backyard campfire.  As far as cookies go, they were pretty darn magical.  And I don't really like chocolate, so that's saying something.  Plus they just look fun, don't they?

Two silly little boys munching on burgers and fries and cracking open peanuts at Five Guys.  Any night that this momma doesn't have to cook dinner is a good night, but being out with these guys makes it that much better.  It's the little moments.

Hello Max!  I never officially posted about our newest furry friend.  This little guy wandered into a friend of mines garage looking for love.  Unfortunately there were allergy issues.  She couldn't bear to take him to the humane society and with a face like that who can blame her.  So Mr. Max came home with us because when it comes to animals I'm a big ol' softie.  And yes, I now have two cats named Max and Ruby.  If you're a momma you'll see the pure awesome-ness of this.

These wild beauties have been popping up all over parts of my backyard.  I don't know exactly what they are, but they sure are pretty.

After what I've been referring to as The Pre-k Travesty of 2012 we started transitioning Gage to homeschooling.  So far it's been more wonderful than I an even begin to express.  And getting to spend all day with this little guy again is pretty fantastic too.

A happy army of gifts for an amazing group of women on the MOPS Creative Activities Team, whom I was so blessed to be able to hang out with and lead this year. Inside was individual lemonade packets and a lemon shaped notepad.  Thanks for the idea, Pinterest!

Twins!  I got to babysit these two sweet little girls yesterday.  Two time's the fun!

It was a wonderful, and very full week.  We're enjoying the sunny skies and family fun time over here. 

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Devon said...

we could've used one of those huge baby gates this past winter! maybe we'll need one again with another baby coming up!

those cup favor thingies are cute!!

glad that homeschooling is going so well! i hope that i'm able to...

Anonymous said...

That pretty blue flower is siberian squill -