Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Wonderland

We have had the strangest Winter in Pennsylvania this year. I swear it.  It's been mild the entire season, with just a couple of small little snow squalls here and there and that was about it.  It certainly wasn't anything to write home about.

Our biggest snow storms this year actually happened in the Fall (early October) and now in the Spring at the end of April.  Five days ago it was a sunny and beautiful day in the 70's.  Yesterday we were buried under a foot of snow with everything in town closed up for the day.

The boys were as excited as they could be to have their first snow day of the year and spent the day throwing snowballs, sledding down the hills in the back yard, and making snow angels.  Mom stayed inside where it was warm and dry while dad played in the snow with them (thus no pictures of the kiddos).

We ended the day with a visit from the electric company to come and cut the gigantic fallen branches out of our tangled power lines.

Seriously snow, feel free to go away and not come back until Winter.   We enjoyed you while you were here, but it's time for some sunshine now.

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