Monday, April 23, 2012

The ABC's of Gage

Adventurous: Always on the go and looking for the next great thing to do
Boy: 100%
Cute: Look at that face!
Delightful: He's pretty much the coolest thing ever. Tied with his big brother.
Energized: Just like the bunny. He keeps going and going and going ...

Friendly: Everyone he meets is automatically a new best friend. So sweet this kid!
Goofy: Silly faces, silly stories, silly boy.
Humorous: Always giggling
Inquisitive: Curious boy wants to know how the world around him works.

Joyful: He brings light to our lives, this little kiddo of mine.
Kind: Always helpful and always sweet.
Lovable: I can't resist his little boy smiles and great big hugs.
Mimicking: Loves his big brother with a passion and wants to be just like him.
Nice: Charismatic, helpful, and just plain great.

Open: Tells it like it is, which for a five year old is mighty impressive.
Polite: Please, thank you, and excuse me
Quality: The best little brother around town.
Reader: Loves books and words of all kinds

Snuggle: Still little enough to love snuggling with his mama
Ticklish: My little squirmy worm-y
Understanding: Loves to learn, this little smartie of mine.
Vivacious: Full of energy and life

Wonderful: Brings such happiness to our little family
X-cited: Just your average happy go lucky little boy
Youngest: Little Brother
Zany: Moving and grooving to his own beat.

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Quilting Mama said...

Awwww - I love your descriptions of him!