Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello March!

We are moving steadily along around here.  The snowy winter days and slowly turning into warmer, greener ones and with Daylight Savings time just around the corner the days will start getting longer as well.  Before we know it Spring will be upon us.  I can't wait. 

But first I need to get healthy.  Remember that awful cold that I talked about having in my last post?  The one that I've had for weeks that I just couldn't shake.  It turns out that it wasn't a cold at all.  Somewhere along the line I got a pretty nasty case of walking pneumonia.  I won't lie, it's the pits.  But after finally dragging my butt to the doctor I'm starting to feel better.  Thank goodness.  I'm ready for the sunshine.  I'm ready to be up and running around with my boys. 

And so that's life around here right now.  Two rowdy kids, a husband that's been both mom and dad for the last month, and a lethargic mama who sleeps a whole lot and is never without a box of tissues.

Somehow in the midst of all of that I was able to snap photos of our higher points for my Project Life/366.  Yup, two months in and I'm still on top of it.

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Anonymous said...

You are so good! I bailed on my 366 after the second week. To much pressure, not enough time. Pneumonia sucks!! Glad you are on the mend though.