Friday, February 24, 2012

The Evolution of Oh Mandie

The past week has been ... ugh.  I had all of these wonderful plans to return back to the world of blogging with some semblance of a regular posting habit.  Unfortunately last weeks cold turned into this weeks sinus infection, effectively side lining me for the past four days.  Such is life.

Anyways, in some sort of grand effort to make things fresh and new around here I made myself a spiffy new banner.  To celebrate my not so grand return to blogging normalcy I thought I'd do one of those neat evolution of Oh Mandie posts that I've seen around the blogosphere.

A look at banners past ... oh how far we've come!

Just a few favorites from over the years.

Helpful Hint: Want to find some old blog banners of your own?  Make sure you are logged into your blogger account and then Google "Picasa Web Albums".  That's where blogger stores all of your photos every time you upload one through the site.

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