Friday, October 21, 2011

A Week Of

This has been an intense week.

It's been a week of disappointments,
a week of tears,
a week of failures,
a week of hopelessness,
a week of questions,
a week of sadness,
and a week of not know which direction to go.

But more importantly it's been a week of perseverance,
a week of taking it day by day
a week of stamina
a week of life going on amidst life's storm.

Even though I'm feeling increasingly stagnant as of late, I see that the earth still turns.  The leaves are still changing colors and falling to the ground, dotting the ground with speckles of red and gold.  The air still chills and the moon still gives rise to the sun each and every morning.

And even when I want to cry, I have to smile.

For them.

1 comment:

Dalia said...

Beautiful photos! This is my son's favorite thing to do in the Fall. I hope that the weekend brings you smiles and lots of them.