Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello, Friend

Prayers are funny things. So often we wish for things that are impossible to be achieved in the very given moment in which we ask for them. Even more frequently, we wish for things that we only think we want at that specific point in time because we're so consumed by the thoughts of whatever it is we're asking for that we can't see how it can be possible to live without it. Instant gratification; that's what we're in search of.

Sometimes, however, it's the things we're forced to wait for that end up being what we've needed, and unknowingly been pleading for, all along.

My blog can be, without a doubt, the incarnation of every one of my once believed to be unanswered prayers. It has became the friend I'd needed and wished for during my days of isolated care giving; the ear I'd needed more times than I could count when things became more than I could manage on my own; the voice I'd needed time and time again to tell me that no matter what happened, everything would be okay; and the outlet I needed when life got hard and I needed to gather and organize my thoughts.

It's a funny, fickle thing.  Just last week and the week before that I toyed around with the idea of stopping my posts of my little space here.  And as lovely as that was for a few days, I missed my old friend.  I craved it.

Hello again.

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