Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Carneige Science Center

The Summer of 2011 is dwindling down to it's last days.  In a few very short weeks I'll have not one but two boys leaving the hot days of running through the grass barefoot behind and heading off on the big yellow bus to school, with Brayden going to third grade and Gage starting pre-k.  Our family is in a mad rush to fit in all of the little things that we didn't get to do during these last three months of fun, the things that somehow got swept away in the mixture of lazy days, vacations, lake swimming, etc, etc, etc.  Because heaven forbid we waste one precious moment of the splendid-ness of the season.

On Tuesday our little family of four headed off on a road trip with another family of 5 (almost 6) to Pittsburgh to visit the Carnegie Science Center.  Brayden, my little science loving boy was in awe the entire time we were there while Gage was just happy to have other boys his age to run around and play with.

Brayden was fascinated by the mechanics of cellular function while Gage was enthralled by the gigantic train set (where he was quite pleased to discover a Thomas the Tank Engine making his rounds with the other trains).

There were robots and games, puzzles, and bridges, water to splash in and an earthquake simulators to ride in.  It was pretty much a little boys dream come true.  And the smiles that it placed on their happy little faces made it all worth it for me as well. 

Super smart Brayden was called up to participate in demonstrations, showing off his knowledge that he picked up previously this Summer when he went to science day camp.  Gage pretended to be a deep sea diver and manned a play submarine and then went on the hunt for rare and exotic fish ... picking out all of the ones that looked like either Dory or Nemo's Dad (because none of them had a "hurt-y fin" so they couldn't possibly be Nemo himself).

I didn't discover until I got home that my camera settings were a bit off, the changing lights in each and every museum exhibit not helping matters at all.  But that's how life goes sometimes, isn't it.  I would probably be upset, if it weren't for each and every single memory and laugh of glee being already so deeply ingrained in my mind.

And even though Summer is coming to a close, our family adventures continue.
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.....


tessica said...

Was that a gigantic Operation game!??? Auh-MAZING!!
so much fun!

AlyGatr said...

SHUT UP! You got to see C3PO. SOOOOO jealous. And that giant version of Operation is so cool.

Nen said...

i love the science center... and i have to admit.. the train exhibit is my favorite! :) looking forward to going there again some day.

hard to believe its almost school time again!