Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh Florida, How We'll Miss You

We are home.

As nice as it was to be here in time to spend the 4th with our family and to be able to sleep in our own beds last night, pulling into our driveway early yesterday morning was bittersweet.  Our vacation was a fabulous one, full of love, laughter, and fun and it all flew by at a speed I didn't know existed. 

Highlights from our trip included:
Spending time with our family that lives too far away to see on a regular basis
St. Augustine Beach
Disney World
Big Thunder Mountain
Santa Fe Lake
Golden brown tans
Vilano Beach
Seeing an entire school of sting rays in the ocean
Blue Springs
Krystal cheeseburgers
and so so much more.

Lowlights included:
Being stranded in a South Carolina garage waiting room no bigger than my bathroom for 5 hours thanks to a broken fuel pump
16 hour car rides between PA and FL that make for two cranky kiddos.

Mike and I took just under 4000 pictures on our trip.  Crazy, right?   Here are a few of our favorite moments.

While I'm sure I'll go into more detail later on, right now I still have vacation brain. 


tessica said...

it already sounds like it was a great trip! can't wait to hear more!

AlyGatr said...

Oh look, white sand! So glad you guys had a great time, less of course the fuel pump thing...ACK! I want to see more pics!

beka said...

wowza, 4000 pictures?
it looks gorgeous. what a time:)

Nen said...

looks like so much fun!!