Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Florida Recap Part One - St. Augustine

The last time we were in Florida was in 2008. Back then, when we didn't really didn't know where anything was, our cousin Emily took us out to this amazing little beach that was unlike anything that I had ever seen before. 

I grew up in Virgina Beach, Va.  If you're not from the east coast then that probably doesn't mean a whole lot to you, but if you are then you probably know that Va Beach is what is known as a tourist trap.  Every inch of that beach is crawling with people and the streets are lined with overpriced souvenir shops and poor quality expensive restaurants.  When it came to beaches, that's what I knew.  St. Augustine blew that out of the water.  We knew that we'd be coming back there for our most recent vacation.

We fell in love with the charm of the brick streets and historic buildings that lead the way to the white sand beach where a long beautiful pier juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.  The beach itself was filled with families splashing in the water and building sand castles while the St. Augustine Lighthouse loomed in the background. 
This place is easily one of our favorite places on earth, and we certainly celebrated being there.


tessica said...

your boys look like they had a blast!!
and it looks like you weren't having such a bad time either!
love you bobby pin!

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

that looks like so much fun! I'd love to go to a place where you can actually get IN the water!