Friday, May 20, 2011

Small Town Living Fun

Small town living has it's perks, the first and foremost being the amazing things that small town communities do for their citizens.  Around here we get to experience things that I imagine don't really go on too often in larger cities, and if they do I'd guess that you would have to pay for them.  We're pretty lucky in that reguard, because when the weather is nice out (and even when it's not so nice out to be honest) there is always something fun for families to do in our neck of the woods. 

Last night we went on an adventure down the street to Brayden's elementary school for DARE Night Out.  I don't remember if they had it last year or not or if maybe we just didn't go, but I was completely unprepared in the camera department.  I never dreamed that this would be the wonderland that it was for my two little boys, filled with fire trucks, racecars, a helicopter landing, games, crafts, demonstrations, and tons of food and snacks. 

The boys were pretty thrilled to watch the Medstar helicopter land, something that must never get old to them seeing as their daddy works at the airport with airplanes and helicopters and they have to oppertunity to be around them pretty much any time they want.  There were squeels of joy as it got lower and lower, and then mouths full of grass when the air from the blades kicked up all sorts of fun stuff at us all.  It made for lots of laughter though, even if I did swallow a bug or two.

 Oh yes, it was a very good day to be a boy.


AlyGatr said...

That looks like FUN! I think even Amelia would have loved that. She gets excited whenever the local fire crew stops by their school with the big ladder truck. They both would have gone mental over the helicopter! MMM, hope the bugs were tasty (ick!)

Nen said...

wow! what a great thing to have for the kiddos!!