Monday, May 9, 2011

A Good Day

Being a mom is a humbling experience.  It's messy, exhausting, stressful, and more time consuming than anything I've ever known.  I've been exposed, defecated on, vomited upon, embarrassed, and ready to pull my hair out.  But I've also been loved unconditionally and learned to also love unconditionally in return.  The payout is so far greater than anything I could have imagined.

Mother's Day weekend was amazing.  Mike took me out to pick out new flowers for the house (since we folks here in PA can't plant anything until mid-May thanks to lingering freezing temperatures at night).  A cart full of big and beautiful rhododendrons, daises, peonys, and hydrangeas later and my little backyard flower garden will look spectacular, particularly after Mike puts in the fountain.

Yesterday started with two little boys jumping on top of me at the crack of dawn, while I was dead asleep, and giving me lots of hugs and kisses and shouts of Happy Mother's Day.  I wish I could wake up every morning to happy little boys.  They gave me a new charm for my charm bracelet and Brayden gave me some great handmade presents that he made in school. 

After a morning spent at church and at both Mike and I's mom's, we headed on a little road trip to the Olive Garden for brunch where we all pigged out on yummy delicious food.  We followed that up with a short trip to Target and then went back home for a nice afternoon nap for this mama.  And then the boys cleaned the house for me while I lounged around the living room and read. 

It was a pretty fantastic day. 

So far this morning the residual magic of Mother's Day is still floating in the air.  Once again I was awoken with hugs instead of whines, and rather than having a case of the Monday's I'm feeling happy and refreshed.  The sun is shinning and the birds are chirping and even though there's another 364 days between now and the next Mother's Day, perhaps I'll keep right on celebrating the joys of being a mom every single day.


Chana@ Mamma Town said...

So so beautiful. And touching. And true. Which is why I adore your posts:) You all look just amazing and so happy!

AlyGatr said...

Sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful Mother's Day. Look at those beautiful flowers. SIGH. I wish our azaleas lasted longer here. Hydrangeas get fried in our hot sun :( I can't wait to see your peonies when they open!!!!

Nen said...

what a wonderful day you had! sounds like you have some pretty special guys in your life! :)

That Shelly Girl said...

" Once again I was awoken with hugs instead of whines"

Ha! So true!

Ashley said...

looks like it was one beautiful and priceless day! boys are awesome!