Saturday, April 16, 2011


Do you Pinterest?

Do you want to Pinterest but need an invite?
Leave your email in the comments and I'll send out as many as I have!

Be warned ... it's addicting!


April said...

Send me one please!! I got an invite from pinterest, but it doesn't work for some reason (could be operator error!)

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

oh NO! I don't need another internet life sucker....but it looks cool! Hey! I was looking at your list of goals and I can help with the homemade pasta one!! My family is 100% Italian and all we eat is homemade pasta:) I've been making it for years!

Rachel @ Pleased as Punch said...

ooh, I'll have one! (please) ;)

Nen said...

i've never heard of this....???

joyfullyjulie said...

Yes please, it looks like great fun